I remember, when I first moved to the quaint little town of Woodbury, my local school’s principal Mrs. Hochsprung was always painted with a smile - a sunny, friendly peer rather than an intimidating principal. This little trait of hers certainly allowed me to adjust much better to this new environment, seeing that she was so happy and keen to have me get off to a good start at my new school and make friends. I remember, also, later on, when I (sort of) accidentally squeezed a potato chip bag filled with a sickly concoction from my lunch onto another table - humorous and as light-hearted as the situation was, it earned me a trip to the principal’s office (ooo, scary!). I sat down, quite obviously frightened by the thought of my consequences - I didn’t know what penalties they served here, I mean, I’ve always been a good kid - I’m never called to the office! My worries were quickly swept away as Mrs. Hochsprung entered the room, her unrelenting smile continuing to mount her cheeks cheerily, her mere presence being able to peel off a layer of guilt that was consuming me. I ended out with a simple “don’t do that again!” warning, given with that smile that looked down at me jokingly. Her gracious act was enough to send me brimming with euphoria as I realized Mrs. Hochsprung was hardly someone to be feared or disliked. She was a person who could understand your predicament, someone who could relate and laugh with you instead of scolding and shaming you into misery. She was a blessing to the school and became more of a friend to you rather than a principal - and for that, I thank her.